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Lucy's Story (Part 2)


Lucy's life and drama's continue...


Season 6

Season 6 begins with many drama's. Firstly, Lucy is thrust in the middle of the problems at Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie calls a family conference to vote on whether should J.R should stay on at Ewing Oil. Lucy, of course votes her ten voting shares, given to her by Gary, to get J.R out! Bobby is not ready to take over so, J.R remains the president...for now.

Lucy also breaks down in front of Pam. Pam finds Lucy in Christopher's nursery, and Lucy begins to cry. Lucy tells Pam about Roger raping her, and the possibility she might be pregnant.


Lucy decides on an abortion, and tells no one but Pam. Pam takes Lucy to the hospital for the procedure. Lucy and Pam have a heart to heart before the operation. Lucy is worried Pam hates her for ending her pregnancy. Pam assures her that she could never hate her. Lucy returns from the hospital, and spends most of her time in her room. Pam tries to get Lucy back to work, but Lucy does not have many good memories from her modeling days.

Other stresses add to Lucy's life. Jock is finally decared legally dead. This brings Gary back to town for the reading of his will. Lucy is given five million dollars in the will, and though Gary is given ten million, there are conditions put on his money due to his history with alcohol. Lucy is upset that her father did not spend more time with her, and that he left as soon as the will was read.

Meanwhile, Ray and Donna return from a trip to Kansas. They returned to Southfork with Ray's cousin Mickey Trotter. Lucy and Mickey clash from the first meeting they have.

Lucy does return to work, and accepts an assignment out of Dallas. She does this on the day J.R and Sue Ellen are going to re-marry. She explains to Miss Ellie, that she does not want to watch Sue Ellen destroy her life again. The trip does not go well. The ad excecutive of the shoot puts the moves on Lucy while away. She freezes, not knowing how to respond when he touches her. She later explains to Pam how horrible this was given what happened with Roger.


The next few months of Lucy's life prove uneventful. Though she does return to modeling with a new female photographer, her passion for her work is gone. She spends most of her time at Southfork, reading, and still coming to terms with her ordeal with Roger Larson.

Lucy and Mickey's relationship also begins to develop. Though they still continue to mostly share insults, Mickey does help Lucy out of a jam when her car won't start just prior to a photoshoot. Lucy is worried Mickey will be trouble with Ray, and speaks to Ray to try to help out. She is still nervous about beginning a new relationship and declines any of Mickey's invitations for a date.

Lucy is also involved in the fallout from Jock's will. She continue's to want J.R out of Ewing Oil, but stresses to her grandmother that she thinks things are working out just as her Grandaddy would have wanted. Ellie is worried the battle between Bobby and J.R will tear the family apart, and unsuccessfully tries to get the will overturned. J.R taunts Lucy, that she could not take over Ewing Oil, and tries to get her shares from her. Lucy is too smart, and see's right through him. Lucy finally gets her wish when Bobby agree's to take over at the family's company.


Mickey finally wins Lucy over. During the Ewing BBQ, he askes her out again, and notices that she has issues with dating men. He is able to convince her that he is differen't and will treat her well. She comes to his aid this time on a night he gets very drunk in a bar, and finally the two become a pair.

Aunt Lil pays a visit, and Lucy, Mickey, Ray and Donna join her for a dinner. Lil is worried about Mickey's relationship with Lucy, be he assures her things will be just fine. After Lil and Mickey join Lucy and the Ewing's for a Southfork dinner, Lucy and Mickey make love for the first time. Mickey is sensitive to what Lucy has been through, and the two turn the relationship into love.

Lucy and Mickey's relationship continues to grow, just as J.R and Sue Ellen's begins to fall apart. One night, while Lucy and Mickey are cooking outside of Southfork all hell breaks loose. Earlier in the day, Sue Ellen came across J.R and Holly Harwood in bed together. Both J.R and Sue Ellen return to the Ranch and have a confrontation. Sue Ellen runs out of Southfork, very drunk and gets into J.R's car. Lucy and Mickey are outside and witness the whole thing. Lucy, worried about Sue Ellen, begs Mickey to stop Sue Ellen from driving drunk. Mickey runs to the car and gets into the passenger seat. As Sue Ellen drives out of the Ranch, the car is rammed, by one of J.R's enemies, Walt Driscoll. Sue Ellen escapes the accident with minor scrapes and bruies, but Mickey ends up in a coma!

Lucy blames Sue Ellen for Mickey's accident! The two women barely speak for weeks. Finally they do come to terms with what happened. Lucy loves Mickey and spends all her waking hours at the hospital, but is not sure that she remain with someone who will spend the rest of thier life in a bed!

Mickey does awake from his coma, and initially is thrilled to see Lucy at the hospital. Lucy, Donna and Ray and Lil spend a lot of time with Mickey, but eventually her begins to resent them coming, and asks them to stay away. Lucy and Mickey have a fight, and she tells him that she will be there no matter what! They become in engaged, and Lucy and Mickey begin to prepare for thier future.

Ray finds out that the intended victim of the hit and run was J.R, and pays J.R a visit at Southfork. Ray blames J.R for Mickey's accident and the two begin a physical fight. During the fight, a fire breaks out, and Southfork is in flames


The fire leaves Southfork in need of repair. Lucy was not home during the fire, but those who were, J.R, Ray, Sue Ellen and JohnRoss are rescued by Bobby. Lucy moves in temorarily with Donna and Ray, while the rest of the Ewing's move into a Dallas hotel.

Shortly after Mickey and Lucy's engagment, his condition takes a turn for the worst. He agains slips into a coma, and it looks doubtful he will come out of it. Earlier, Mickey had talked to Ray about not wanting to spend the rest of his life in a hospital bed. After Lucy and Donna leave the hospital, Ray and Lil are left alone in Mickey's room. Ray baracades the door, and Lil attempts to pull the plug from Mickey's life support system. Lil cannot bring herself to do it, so Ray does.

Ray is arrested for Mickey's murder. Lucy is intially furious with Ray, not knowing how he could do it. A trial for Mickey's murder quickly begins.


Though she does not want to hurt Ray, Lucy is forced to testify for the prosecution during his trial. Ray is found guilty, but due Lil's testimony, plus a caring judge, his jail sentence is suspended, and he recieves only probation.

Meanwhile, ever since the fire at Southfork, JohnRoss has not been himself. Sue Ellen and J.R seek professional help, and end up enrolling John Ross in a day camp with counsellor's trained to work with children in pain. One of John Ross's counsellor's click's with Sue Ellen, and though he is very young, appears attracted to her. Sue Ellen asks the boy, Peter Richard's if he will escort Lucy to the Oil Baron's Ball. Lucy is still devestated by Mickey's death, and Sue Ellen thought it might be a way to get her out, and for Sue Ellen to spend a little time with Peter as well....


The Oil Baron's Ball proves interesting for all of the Ewing's. Lucy and Peter appear to hit it off at the ball, and she is asked by Punk Anderson to present the Jock Ewing Memorial Scolarship. Bobby show's up with old flame Jenna Wade, and Cliff wins Oil Baron of the year. Cliff's win, and his comments start a brawl, to which most people at the Ewing table play a part in. Peter also gets into the action.


Katherine Wentworth is furious Bobby passes her over and takes Jenna Wade to the Ball. When she arrives home, she calls Bobby at Soutfork. Lucy answers the phone, and tells Katherine Bobby is out with his date! Lucy then enters the kitchen to find Sue Ellen taking care of a bleeding lip Peter got while fighting at the Oil Baron's Ball. Lucy asks to help, but Peter and Sue Ellen seem happy to be handling the situation alone. Lucy leaves the kitchen a little disappointed with the handshake Peter ends the evening with.

The next morning, over breakfast J.R is ranting about how Cliff bit him. Lucy asks if he is going to bit Cliff back. J.R leaves for work, and Lucy has a few minutes alone with Sue Ellen. She asks the older Ewing about her relationsip wtih Peter. Sue Ellen becomes defensive. Lucy had noted that Peter was much more interested in Sue Ellen the night before than Lucy, who was his date. Sue Ellen begins to become angry at Lucy and tells her stop letting her little mind invent things. Sue Ellen says that there is nothing between she and Peter Richards. Lucy senses she may have pushed too far and lets it go.


As the next few weeks progress, Lucy comes to terms with Mickey's death. She also takes a likeing to Peter and tries to spend some time with him. She drives JohnRoss to camp every chance she can, and uses this as an opportunity to talk with Peter. Peter does go out with Lucy, but will not let the relationship progress past friendship. Lucy is confused. She has no idea that Peter Richards has begun seeing her aunt Sue Ellen!


Lucy is attracted to Peter. The two hang out a lot, going to movies and the odd date. Lucy cannot figure out why Peter is not returning her feelings. She is not ready, after Mickey's death to enter into a serious relationship, but she is confused about Peter's lack of interest. Peter does some strange things, leaves school, disappears for days on end. Lucy chooses to talk to Sue Ellen about most of this, but, Sue Ellen, worried her relationship with Peter might surface, is not the best one for giving Lucy advice.


Lucy tries to 'hook' Peter into modeling with her, and although he does once, he is not interested in any other gigs, despite making lots of money and traveling with Lucy. All Peter seems to be interested in is hanging around Southfork with John Ross and Sue Ellen. Lucy thinks it is odd Peter would prefer to hang around a child than her. She thinks Peter might be gay, but Sue Ellen convinces her this is not the case. One night at a Ewing party, welcoming Jessica Montford into Dallas, Lucy gets very drunk. Encouraged by good ole JR, Lucy ends up confronting Peter and Sue Ellen about having an affair. JR, playing the games he does, insists she apologze, and this could not be true. Lucy, reluctantly does, even though she is not convinced. Peter and Sue Ellen continue to see each other, even though Sue Ellen wants out. After Lucy's drunken incident, JR realizes that indeed Peter and Sue Ellen were having an affair. He sets Peter up with drugs in his jeep. Sue Ellen and Lucy try to help, but Peter wants nothing more to do with the Ewing's and heads off to New York city. Lucy confronts JR and now knows she was right all along. Lucy is disgusted with him, and all the family about how they live thier lives and treat other people!

Lucy tells JR she is sick of the way the Ewing's do things, and she means it! Bobby is shot, and after a visit with him in the hospital, where she has a confrontation with Katherine Whetworth, she stands by her word. While out for the day, she goes to the diner her mother used to work for. She encounters the same man who hired Valene many years ago. He, without knowing she is Ewing, ask's if she wants to be a waitress at the diner. Lucy initially laughs it off, but after thinking about it, thinks that what was good for her mother, might be good for her, and begins work as a waitress at the diner her mother used to work at!

Lucy meets several people while waitressing at the the diner. Betty, another waitress, whom Lucy does not get along with, customers, who do not treat Ms Lucy well, and Eddie Cronin, a construction worker whom comes to the diner daily. Ray Krebbs also comes by one day, and runs into Lucy! Lucy explains to Ray why she is working at the 'Hot Biscut' diner, and swears him to keep her job secret!


More to come