Lucy's Story!
Part 3

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Lucy thinks her life is set!  After a wonderful second Southfork wedding, Lucy and Mitch move back to his apartment in Atlanta.  Lucy is devastated when she learnes her favorite undle Bobby has died, but she and Mitch are in France  after the wedding, and he confinces her not to return to  Southfork for the Funeral. 
Mitch and Lucy begin a life of bliss in Atlanta.  He goes to  work each day, saving people's lives, and she remains home, bored, thinking of her life back in Dallas.   Years go by, and despite Lucy's attempts to have Mitch  make her  number one in her life,  she finally has enough.  Lucy decides to return to DALLAS and Southfork.
Lucy comes home, determined to get her life back, determined, to have Lucy come firist, and not the hopsital.  Lucy walks into the home to find only Christopher in the house.  Despite her years of knowing the boy,  the time aways has been enough.... he does  not regonize her....

Lucy is home, but not happy.  Her Grandmother questions her decision to return home after her issues with Mitch, J.R and Bobby are not all that welcoming.  But then, she meets a friend.
While having drinks at the Oil Baron's Club with a friend, Lucy meets Casey Denault.  Casey has a past with J.R and see's Lucy as his opportunity to get back at him.
Lucy and Casey begin to date, and for awhile Lucy is in heaven with a new man who seems to put her first.
As this is going on, Sue Ellen and J.R are still fighting over John Ross.  Lucy takes Sue Ellen's side, and helps Sue Ellen get John Ross back from the school where J.R had  him hiding at.
Just as Lucy begins to feel again with Casey, Mitch comes back to Dallas...