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Charlene Tilton was born in the land of Dreams, HoCharlene Tilton was born in the land of Dreams, Hollywood, and by the age of seven, was already performing in school recitals, theatre and neighborhood workshops. Ms. Tilton attended the famous Hollywood High School and while there not not only starred in many productions, but was also the president of the thespians club.

Her career really began at age 15, when she appeared in a Japanese clothing commercial with Ringo Starr of the Beatles. From there various television appearances and commercials followed.

Atage 17 she was cast as Lucy Ewing in one of the most popular television series of the 80's, Dallas. Miss Tilton went after the role with vigor, and finally the producers of the series saw that she was indeed the right person for the role of Lucy Ewing. At the time, they had their eyes on Stephanie Kramer, who later went on to star with Fred Dryer in the NBC show Hunter.

Along with acting, Ms. Tilton has also studied dancing and singing, and in 1984 she had a number one hit in Germany called "C'est La Vie"

Ms. Tilton was an original member of the Dallas cast. When the writers were unable to come up with new stories for Lucy Ewing, she departed the show in 1985. A campaign by fans, as well as a drop in the ratings for Dallas, brought her back to the Ewing family in 1989 for another three seasons. The character of Lucy went through many dramas, including several engagements, drug abuse, a rape, two kidnappings, an abortion, several cheating boyfriends. Many famous actors played lovers for Lucy. Some of these included Fredrick Lehne, Timothy Patrick Murphy, Andrew Stevens, Randolph Powell and Christopher Atkins. Her wedding to Dallas husband, Mitch Cooper played by Liegh Mcclousky was Dallas's second highest rated episode, just behind the famous 'Who Shot J.R episode".

Ms. Tilton currently is raising her daughter Cherish, also an actress, in Los Angeles. She currently earns her livelihood writing gossip for a tabloid newspaper. Tabloid's are something Ms.Tilton knows a lot about, during the early to mid eighties, being on one of the most popular series on television, was consequently a target for the tabloids.

Ms. Tilton still acts, most recently appearing to positive reviews at the Attic Theatre in "Who's Life is it Anyway?" At one time Charlene Tilton was featured on more than 600 magazine covers world wide, and received more fan mail at CBS than any other actor on the network. Ms. Tilton continues to work on TV, and works in pilots each television season, waiting for the next big break!!!
2002 brought futher changes for Charlene.  She left her position as writer for 'The Globe' and concentrated on her stage and film career.  Since then Charlene has taken part in the final for Dicki Roberts Child Star and other projects.
Last year was a busy year for Charlene.  Charlene particpated in the commentary and launch of the Dallas DVD set for season one and two.  As well joined Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy for a reunion on the SoapNet network.
Her year ended with producing and starring in the Dallas Reunion on CBS, Return To Southfork.  Charlene initiated the idea, and with Henry Winkler on board, the project was taken to CBS.
Most recently Charlene spent time in the UK working on the reality series, The Farm.